Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009



I made some Christmas Cupcakes ^^ vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips, chocolate frosting and some red heart sprinkles!!
It took me a whole day to bake all these cupcakes, cookies, vinalla kipfel and cocos macrones! ^^
And yes, I'll also make some New Year's Eve-Cupcakes!
I could so survive just by eating cupcakes all day (*_*)

That's all that is left...I didn't eat anything of it yet lol instead of buying shit for everyone I thought I just give everyone some cupcakes and cookies...

want some? ^^




  1. Dothy said...
    mmmmmmmm it looks greaaaat !!! yes i want some :D you are not only talented in cloth creations !! your cooking looks fabulous :) i'd love if you could share some recepies :)
    Pili said...
    YUM! They look delicious!!
    I should start thinking about baking a bit for Christmas, cause it really is NOT a tradition in my family...

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