Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Dark Romance - 2 new pics!

Soooo finally some more pics to show you!!! Burak, the photographer just sent me these edited pics from the ROCKLESKA shoot with the Dark Romance Outfit...he also sent me a pic from an other outfit I made but want to wait til I got more pics of it! :)
Yes...I leave it late ^^

Let me know what you think!..remember we shot the outfits in the studio with a plain gray background and he assambled these awesome backgrounds to the pics without making it look like an edited photo!! how cool is that???

Stairs - Deviantart - almudena-stock
Sky - Deviantart - vividlight

Background: blOntj - deviantart

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  1. Priscilla said...
    It's very cool;)

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