Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2009

New Clothing Labels!!!

I totally forgot to order new clothing labels so atm I'm using my OOOOOLD OLD OLD OLD ones lol....black with golden "Akasha" logo on it!

These ones were my last labels I used and I LOVED THEM!
But I got them from a German retailer which is REALLY expensive in my oppinion...though I really love my labels. But 110€ for 300pc is way too much! I think I'll keep the last one as a memory :)

But it was time for some new labels so I thought I should get some for my regular clothing and some for my Couture pieces so this is how they turned out:

Can't wait to receive them and sew them in the new garments I made!!!
I got these ones from Worldwidelabel on Etsy - 300pc for only $40.95 that's why I was able to order 300pc of each design this time. Gives me a little space until I have to order again next time ^^

Think I'll also order some for my Kids' clothing :)

So what do you think?...wich one do you like the most?




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