Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

The good stuff comes in a jar....

I recently purchased a cute necklace with a jar full of glitter and stars from Etsy!
Just like every other girl I just LOVE necklaces and the ones that comes with a jar are just the best! "Why" you ask? Damn...because it's a jar....with stuff in it!!! HELLO???

You could put anything in it...anything tiny...and wear it on your neck...wherever you have it with rad is that???

So here are my 5 fave Jar Necklaces I found on Etsy and DaWanda...all handmade! Enjoy :)
One of my comes with glitter and cute tiny stars and you can pick your fave color! I got the blue one! :)
Uh...cookies in a jar! The only reason I didn't purchase this one is because everytime I'd look at it I'd get sooo hungry lol But it's sooo cute!!!
No food but a classic....The message in a bottle...sooo romantic :)
I actually don't like licorice but this one's tempting ^^
And here's one of my fave sellers! The Bat in the Hat offers cute handmade necklaces with tiny eyeballs or brains in it!!! Good thing for any Zombie-Lover ^^
She also sells some cute Alice in Wonderland jewelry!


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