Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

New items! Mini Shoot :)

Finally!!! I'm done with editing the pics! We shot the pics last Saturday and now I can finally show you the results!
And YES,....I'm sooo stupid sometimes...I made 3 of the tops just 1 hour before we started shooting and I totally forgot to shoot one of them! A super cute Argyle Shirt...hope to get pics asap so I can show you :)

Some of you might already know some of these items, I just wanted to have better pics of some so I re-shot-them haha but there are also some BRAND NEW items...that I haven't put on the website or DaWanda yet! But I will...very soon!!!
until then go to
and see what's already in my shop!

Don't forget: FREE SHIPPING until December 24th on every order if you put "FREE SANTA" in your comment!

Have fun shopping!




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