Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Tutorial: How to make a Waist Cincher


So I thought I should show you the process on how I make a waist cincher, please note that it's up to you which materials you want to use! This one is just for prettiness so I used a layer of sturdy denim as the lining and the top layer is a cool Lip Service denim. I also used plastic boning and 5mm silver eyelets. If you want your cincher to be really sturdy just add more layers of fabric and use either whale boning or spiral steel boning.

Of course first of all you need to find a good pattern you want to use or make one yourself.
As this cincher is for prettiness only, I chose a pattern I made a while ago with only a few panels.
The more panels you have, the more boning you'll use and the more sturdy it gets, in case you want to make one for waist reduction.

Step 1: Serge all sides

Step 2: Decorations

Step 3: sew all panels together

Step 4: add boning

Step 5: add bias binding to the edges and be proud of yourself

Step 6: add eyelets and lacing to the back (no pic ;) )

Step 7: reward yourself and ignore all the mess around you!

Mmmmm they smell sooooo good!!!
I put some dark chocolate and heart sprinkles on top...can't wait to munch all 12 of them hahahahahaa

Thank god I don't have to clean the kitchen!!! ^^

Pic above found on

hahaha and thank god this isn't my kitchen!!!! DAAAAAAAAANG




  1. Anonym said...
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