Freitag, 4. September 2009

Make Up + new Akasha Outfit!!!

I was bored so I thought I should take a pic of my make-up...or eyeshadow ^^
I chose to combine'Charming Dreams' (green) by Essence and 'Pizzazz' by Dazzle Dusts for my make-up today.
Talking about usual...I'm already sick of my current hair color...think I'm going back to darkpink...yes..seriously...I miss 'real colors' ;)
And if I ever say something about being blonde again...PLEASE remind me that that's not a good idea ;) blonde for me! nuh uh!

Aaaaaaaaaaand here's another Outfit from the 'Fairytale in Disguise' Photoshoot with Kani Honu Photography and Model Alice Roe!

This Outfit is called
"Qûeen Pïrate vøn Pûnk"

let me know what you think about this one!!

© Kani Honu Photography
Photography and Make-Up: Kani Honu
Model: Alice Roe
Styling: Akasha Couture
Outfit: "Qûeen Pïrate vøn Pûnk"
Collection: Fairytale in Disguise

Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

My latest acquisitions ^^

Just have to show you what I got myself:

This beautiful peacock feather fascinator is from SistersOfTheMoon on Etsy! It was on Sale for $12! Yay!!! Shopping is even more fun when it's on sale ^^

Aaaaaaaand I get this wonderful bag custom made from BeanBun also on Etsy for $45
Oh how I love Alice in Wonderland!!! that I've spend all my money on these beautiful things...I'm broke and definitely need some money ^^

So visit my shops at

and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS until Saturday, September 5th 2009!
Just send me a comment or eMail with "September Sun" and I'll subtract shipping!

Have fun shopping!



Today's Inspiration: Katy Perry

So I thought I should show you some pics that inspire me...everyday I browse the Internet and find soooo much stuff that inspires me...not only clothing. Alot of things.

Like Singer Katy Perry: I love her Style! She's bringing back the 50s and combines it with today's fashion and a rockstar-attitude which is AWESOME! Of course she has a stylist that tells her what to wear lol....which artist doesn't have a stylist? You're not a superstar if you don't have at least one stylist ^^

But I know she once bought this AWESOME watermelon romper...from a really cool Designer...Julie Mollo...below is a pic of it.

Also she did a campaing for MAC Make-up and wore a black custom made Hello Kitty leater Corset with lots of purple studs, glitter and of course lots of Helly Kitties!!!!

So....Katy's definitely someone that inspires me everyday with what she's wearing.

Who day...she'll be wearing my stuff too ;)


love u Katy!!!!


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