Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

My latest acquisitions ^^

Just have to show you what I got myself:

This beautiful peacock feather fascinator is from SistersOfTheMoon on Etsy! It was on Sale for $12! Yay!!! Shopping is even more fun when it's on sale ^^

Aaaaaaaand I get this wonderful bag custom made from BeanBun also on Etsy for $45
Oh how I love Alice in Wonderland!!! that I've spend all my money on these beautiful things...I'm broke and definitely need some money ^^

So visit my shops at

and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS until Saturday, September 5th 2009!
Just send me a comment or eMail with "September Sun" and I'll subtract shipping!

Have fun shopping!




  1. Pili said...
    I love Jamie's bags! And her cameo bags are really spectacular! You have great taste! ;)
    Alpha said...
    Oh my fuckin' gooooooood! I love tyour new Bag! I'm soooooo jealous! Deborah....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    AH said...
    I love both the fascinator and the bag and aren't you gorgeous!

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