Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

LOOK OF THE DAY 27-12-09

Hey ya'll!
I'm feeling a bit lazy and bored these days due to holidays so I created this Lady Gaga inspired look to add some GAGA-ness to my life ^^


The Look:
Lady Gaga is known for breaking almost every fashion rule without looking silly or too slutty. She uses lots of elements from the 80s and combines it with fetish and a touch of futuristic fashion.
I used mostly black items to make this look more mysterious with a cropped 80s Style bra top
combined with black velvet studded hot pants!

Of course there's no Gaga look without any fancy fake lashes, so I chose some black LACE lashes! Other long and thick lashes will do too!
Make sure you use bright Make-Up! Flashy Lipstick like 'Centrifuchsia', 'Countessa Fluorescent' or even 'No she didn't' by Lime Crime would be great for a dramatic look!

I've noticed Lady Gaga barely wears any necklaces but focusses more on shoes, gloves and headpieces.
The black mask fits perfect for the ultimate Lady Gaga Style and with the XXL bow headband I made you'll look 100% like her! Wear some studded bracelets or even studded gloves!
For the shoes I chose some High Heel sandals by Givenchy with lots and lots of black studs!! If you can't find similar shoes in your shoe stores just make them yourself!
YES! Pimp your shoes! :) Get some metal studs either from Hot Fix or the ones with scres and glue them to your shoes. That's it! Life can be so simple right? And Gaga ;)
Hope you like this look!



The GAGA Side Of Life
The GAGA Side Of Life von AkashaCouture
Hairbow by Akasha Couture
Strapless Bra by Journelle
Velvet Knicker by TopShop
Studded High Heels by Givenchy
Studded Leather Bracelet by InterMixOnline
Mask by MintonCardInc
Tights by Wolford Satin Touch
Lace Lashes by Ssasychic
Lipstick by LimeCrimeMakeUp


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