Montag, 22. Februar 2010

does your shop (not etsy one) ship to the US? i'm guessing it does since it shows US dollar option but I just want to be sure.

Of course! AKASHA COUTURE SHIPS WORLDWIDE! You should see shipping rates during ordering process!In case you dont' just contact me :)

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Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Blog-Tag + Tattoo (German)

Sonntag, Sonntag, heute MUSS noch ordentlich was genäht werden, die Aufträge müssen abgearbeitet werden aber um die Uhrzeit bin ich noch nicht allzu inspiriert, daher durchforstete ich gerade einige Blogs und bin bei TheABchan hängen geblieben.
Dort gibt's ein tolles Gewinnspiel bei dem man 10x 1/4 Teelöffel (klingt im ersten Moment nicht viel, aber man brauch ja auch nicht allzuviel davon aufzutragen um ein knalliges Ergebnis zu erhalten) gewinnen kann.

Uuuuuuuui dacht ich, wo ich doch eigentlich eine Anti-Gewinnspiel Teilnehmerin bin (ich gewinn ja auch nie was...das deprimiert halt schon!) aber hier konnte ich nun einfach nicht widerstehen.

Wenn ihr auch Lust habt besucht ihren Blog auf
und macht mit! Erzhält auch eure Freunden davon!

Achja...Samstag gabs noch ein Spontan Tattoo....was heisst spontan...die Skullflower wollte ich schon lange aber kurzfristig ist ein Termin freigeworden den ich SPONTAN gefüllt habe :)
Dit ganze wird demnächst noch ancoloriert und eine ÄHNLICHE Skullflower kommt auch noch auf den anderen Arm :)

Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

where do u get ur ispirations from?

From you, honey ;)

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Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

GaGa ooh la la!

Sooo...I'm a bit behind schedule since I've been partying my b-day a bit too hard last friday lol
But I'm working on all orders and two outfits for Model Celina that she's gonna wear in a music video.
I can't really tell you guys much about it...not that I don't want to...I just don't really know much about it lol
She said she needs something Lady Gaga-like so I sat together with my friend while discussing my next tattoo I took a small piece of paper and a pencil stump and just made some sketches.

Well..."some" is actually overstatet lol. I made two which I immediately fell in love with and decided not to make more sketches but show them to Celina and in case she didn't like them I thought of 10000000 reasons why to love the outfits haha
But, thank god, she also loved them ^^

So here they are!

Outfit #1:
This one is a bodysuit that I'll mak from a black glossy spandex combined with a dark blue metallix spandex. I'll add lots of black pyramide studs to it and to the hood which will probably be detachable and give it a huge bow that I'll adorn with lots and lots of peacock feathers. The bow will be detacheable aswell.

Outfit #2:
This one is a 2-piece set constisting of a halter neck top made from a black wet-look spandex with a lacing at the fron and mini-handcuffs holding the neck ties.
And the hot pants will be made from the same fabric...all in black with mini handcuffs.
I'll also make a pair of black overknee socks and she'll wear it with some suspenders.

Can't wait to be done with both outfits and see her wearing it.
We're probably have a fitting by the end of the week and I'll try to take some pics.
"Try" because I'm soooooo effing forgetable lately that I cannot promise to make some...but like I said...I'll try! ;)

Hope you like em!

hallo, ich finde deine kleidung sehr interessant hast du auch eine schneiderausbildung gemacht?

habe eine Ausbildung zur Modedesignerin gemacht - dort lernst du auch die Grundkentnisse des Schneiderns, den Rest habe ich mir selbst angeeignet. lg

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Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

do you like pugs? xD

who doesn't? :P

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Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

I just found some awesome Batman T-Shirts in a store and just had to buy some! I instantly had an idea for it...but not what I just made out of it...nuh uh. But since it's my Birthday on friday and we're going to party hard and wild (lol) I decided to make me a Batman Birthday dress...the cool thing is that over here in Germany it's currently Carneval so it's just perfect.
My friends will be dressing up as the Joker, the Riddler etc...very cool ^^
Oh yeah..I'll be making my friend the Riddler costume...can't wait to show you!!!

So remember this used to be a plain MEN's T-Shirt sizes LARGE..ugh...U.G.L.Y. And this is what I made out of it:

I actually wanted to wear it with my black satin underbust corset but I'm pretty sure the logo will partially disappear under the corset so I'll probably wear it either with the bow belt I got from Hamburg (as seen on the pic) or my black sequin belt...not sure yet. Oh yeah and I'm getting my hair dyed pink(Cerise) tomorrow so..YAAAAYYY can't wait. I don't really like going to the coiffeur. Glad when it's over ^^

Let me know what you think about the dress!

Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

Embroider my life

Finally found all pieces for my emroidery machine I've bought AGES ago with my sewing machine but never really used it...never had time r nerves to get through the instructions ^^ but now I decided to finally use this uber-expensive-monster!!! ^^

My friend will make some nice designs for me to embroider on cool Akasha clothes so you better watch out for some hot new shit I'll make ^^

Now my apartment looks like a mess cause I couldn't find the effing installation CD...but NOW I FOUND IT!! And guess was tidy...I found it with all my other CD-Roms in my shelf..ARGH... Gotta clean it all up now ^^

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010



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