Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010


I just found some awesome Batman T-Shirts in a store and just had to buy some! I instantly had an idea for it...but not what I just made out of it...nuh uh. But since it's my Birthday on friday and we're going to party hard and wild (lol) I decided to make me a Batman Birthday dress...the cool thing is that over here in Germany it's currently Carneval so it's just perfect.
My friends will be dressing up as the Joker, the Riddler etc...very cool ^^
Oh yeah..I'll be making my friend the Riddler costume...can't wait to show you!!!

So remember this used to be a plain MEN's T-Shirt sizes LARGE..ugh...U.G.L.Y. And this is what I made out of it:

I actually wanted to wear it with my black satin underbust corset but I'm pretty sure the logo will partially disappear under the corset so I'll probably wear it either with the bow belt I got from Hamburg (as seen on the pic) or my black sequin belt...not sure yet. Oh yeah and I'm getting my hair dyed pink(Cerise) tomorrow so..YAAAAYYY can't wait. I don't really like going to the coiffeur. Glad when it's over ^^

Let me know what you think about the dress!


  1. ReLove Plan.et said...
    that is beautiful!!!! :)
    Shivilay said...
    omg!!! how cool!!! xDD
    Alpha said...
    wie geil ist das dennn
    Shadovnia said...
    Absolutely gorgeous!
    Anonym said...
    how the fuck did you make this? i want a batman dress for prom! could u tell me how to make one <3
    Lizzy said...
    omg... I will buy this from you
    brittanay said...
    How much would i have to pay for you to make me one?
    Anonym said...
    could i get you to make me one and ill pay you for it!
    Anonym said...
    i really love this dress. I would love to have one like this for my prom. how did you make it or I might be willing to buy one off of you.

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