Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

GaGa ooh la la!

Sooo...I'm a bit behind schedule since I've been partying my b-day a bit too hard last friday lol
But I'm working on all orders and two outfits for Model Celina that she's gonna wear in a music video.
I can't really tell you guys much about it...not that I don't want to...I just don't really know much about it lol
She said she needs something Lady Gaga-like so I sat together with my friend while discussing my next tattoo I took a small piece of paper and a pencil stump and just made some sketches.

Well..."some" is actually overstatet lol. I made two which I immediately fell in love with and decided not to make more sketches but show them to Celina and in case she didn't like them I thought of 10000000 reasons why to love the outfits haha
But, thank god, she also loved them ^^

So here they are!

Outfit #1:
This one is a bodysuit that I'll mak from a black glossy spandex combined with a dark blue metallix spandex. I'll add lots of black pyramide studs to it and to the hood which will probably be detachable and give it a huge bow that I'll adorn with lots and lots of peacock feathers. The bow will be detacheable aswell.

Outfit #2:
This one is a 2-piece set constisting of a halter neck top made from a black wet-look spandex with a lacing at the fron and mini-handcuffs holding the neck ties.
And the hot pants will be made from the same fabric...all in black with mini handcuffs.
I'll also make a pair of black overknee socks and she'll wear it with some suspenders.

Can't wait to be done with both outfits and see her wearing it.
We're probably have a fitting by the end of the week and I'll try to take some pics.
"Try" because I'm soooooo effing forgetable lately that I cannot promise to make some...but like I said...I'll try! ;)

Hope you like em!

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  1. Bloody Mary said...
    hot hot hot :)

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