Montag, 19. April 2010

Alot to blog about...

Finally something new to blog about ^^

Well...last week I went to the fabric market and found lots of new fabrics :))) (Didn't expect anything else ^^) from snakeskin to cherries, strawberries and polkadots!!!
Can't wait to make some hot stuff from those gorgeous new finds ^^

I also bought a pattern for a blouse ( I usually make my own patterns but refused to make blouses before so I thought I should try this new pattern) took me 5 hours to make and I was (still am) sooooo disappointed!!! I was sooo frustrated that I wasn't able to sew the whole week...really :(
The puffed sleeves were toooooooo puffy and too looked like a prize fighter :(
Not sure If I'll try to save it somehow...maybe shorten the sleeves..or just throw it away...not sure yet. But that's basically why I didn't sew anything new for one whole week..meeeeeeep

Sooo last friday my friend told me there'll be a fashion show from a re-opened costume rental store where she'll be doing make-up. She also mentioned that they've been looking for a seamstress. So I showed up at the fashion show on sunday and I really loved it...they had costumes from all kind of ages...from Middle Ages to Baroque and 70's...
After the show I introduces myself to the owner of the store and asked if they're still looking for a seamstress and she invited me to some kind of job interview today...actually...more a meeting and getting to know each other :P
She showed me the costumes and OMG my heart was pounding soooo fast lol Seeing all those beatiful costumes and accessoires was just amazing!
I've worked for Operas and Musicals before so I know pretty much about costumes so this would be really fun to work with! Gotta show up on Thursday for probation and hope to get the "job".
I've been looking for a little part-time job for a long time and this would be just PERFECT!
I could work with historical costumes, I'm sure I'll learn alot and, of course, I can sew! which is the best part!
So...wish me luck!! ;)
(I've posted some pics of the fashion show below!!)

On Saturday I found this huuuuuge turquoise alarm clock with a sparkling blue face!! I'll probably never use it as an alarm clock but I just had to have it!!! It was only 5,99€ so...why not, right? And it matches perfect the colorful cows I recently bought lol (see pic)

Today I got my new MOO cards in the mail! Love them, though I think the colors could be a bit brighter but apart from that they're great.
They got a little add on the edge of the cards from MOO and DaWanda since they're from a collaborating special where you get 50 MOO cards for free, you only have to pay about 4€ shipping...that's all. So, I don't really care about the little ad on the side ;)
OH YEAH...almost forgot: if you order 50 MOO cards, you can also choose up to 50 designs for your cards! So each card can be different! How cool is that??? I uploaded 3 designs only :)

(sorry for the crappy pics!!!) Some girls where running so fast it was hard to take good pics lol
I know it's called 'runway' but apparently they didn't know that they're not supposed to actually run! ^^
(Please note that I have not been involved in this fashion show in any way - the costume rental, I will hopefully be able to work for, showed pieces from their fund.)


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  1. Shivilay said...
    omg! OMG! >O< was für ne verdammt geile uhr und die kühe sind auch toll ;___;"" will auch sowas D:

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