Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010


I usually don't talk in public about shit like that but this is really bothering me!
There's a chick on DaWanda that purchased some items from me and numerous other sellers with 3 different usernames! In my case she purchased a longsleeve and asked me to change ...almost everything...I accepted it...she never paid and never replied to any of my mails. I know from the other sellers that she purchased items and either didn't pay them or she paid with Paypal, waited for the package to arrive, then she opened a PP dispute to get her money back but didn't return the items BUT sold it via her other username on DaWanda!

Well...of course I left her negative feedback for not paying, I know some others didn't cause they were afraid to get negative feedback back...I wasn't and of course she left me a neg.
This actually wouldn't bother me at all cause I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later but she wrote shit that is NOT TRUE! Saying I didn't want to accept a return and shit..WTF? You didn't even pay! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, MISSES???

I asked DaWanda to delete her feedback cause she wrote nothing but lies...pretty sure they wont delete it and it REALLY PISSES ME OFF that me and all the other sellers sent our complains about her to DaWanda and they don't do shit about it!

Oh yeah and on one hand she's stupid cause she claimed the other 2 usernames aren't hers ..but stupid thing used the same profile picture for every account hahahaha...sure this is not you! It's just someone else with the same name, adress and profile pics...sure ;)

But on the other hand she was clever enough to purchase the item from me with her seller-username which, of course, shes hard trying to not have any neg feedback so now it looks like I'm the first one who has ever had problems with her...clever move!

You know...I love my job...I really do! I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS! I'm happy when they're happy and having so many satisfied customers is just awesome! Thats what I work for! But then...sometimes...there are people like her that are trying to get you down and that's just sad! I'm just glad this doesn't happen that often! ^^


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  1. Yvonne said...
    als ich die ersten zwei Sätze gelesen habe, hab ich den Braten schon gerochen lol.
    tut mir leid. Ich würd einfach nicht mehr mit ihr kommunizieren, keine Käufe bestätigen, kein Geld annehmen etc., alle Accounts blocken.

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