Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

Dead by Sunrise - Secret gig

Been in Hamburg on wednesday for a secret gig from Dead by Sunrise I've won tickets for!
For the ones who don't know it: Dead by Sunrise is the side-project from Linkin Park's Chester Bennington....yes...the hot guy ;)
So we arrived at the location and were wondering why there's so many ppl taking pics of...something...when we noticed...SHIT IT'S CHESTER!!! Yes! He was outside to take pics with the fans!
I was soooo excited!!! I'm a fan for almost 9 years now so that was just like HEAVEN! haha
So we took pics with him and he signed my Hybrid Theory EP. He was super nice although there were like 200 people around him and screaming his name lol

They also gave free tix to the first 50 people that didn't have a ticket yet but the ones who won tickets through the Linkin Park Fanclub were on a special list and we had to wait about 30 minutes in the backyard of the club...right next to the trash cans...yummy! But it was worth it haha!!
The door opened and the let us (the Fanclub members) in...second row! PERFECT!
Then they let in all the other people. We waited another 30-40minutes till DBS came on stage but it was ALL SO WORTH IT! They rocked! Chester looked HOT as always ^^...I was able to take about 7-8 shitty pics when my battery was empty haha....anyways...more time for Chester muahaha
He came to the crowd several times, one time, during "Inside of me" he was right in front of me, he held my hand (AAAAAHHH)...I touched I did...he was looking at me...damnit it felt like 30minutes but it was like...only 5 seconds or something lol.
It was just awesome! The best concert ever..just because you don't have a chance to get that close to him at a Linkin Park concert, this was a small concert, pretty intimate :P

Free tickets =
Hamburg =
Dead by Sunrise =
Chester =
*1000 haha


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