Montag, 31. August 2009

Ælice in Wønderlånd

...I've never been someone who kept a diary so this is still pretty new to me and I'm still trying to figure out how to use this and I'll try my best to keep this updated!

Sooooooo...last Saturday was the shoot for my upcoming Collection called 'Fairytale in Disguise' We shot in Schwetzingen, Germany. Sandra Bilokonsky was the kick-ass Photographer and also a kick-ass MUA!!! Love her!!! She's soooo talented and knows how to set the stage for clothing! She's also very very kind, patient and funny :) like I said...luv her!

Alice Roe was the Model...she travelled from Munich to Mannheim (the second time)...already worked with her at the Jealousy is Killing Me Photoshoot and loved her! She's like a pixie...very pale skin, love her eyes! Thought she's just perfect for this "Fairytale" theme and I was right ^^

We shot 7 Outfits (as far as I can remember) some in front of a coool rusty old tractor at Sandra's house, the others at the Castle in Schwetzingen. We had lots of fun :) And Sandra even forgave me for dropping some of her make-up palletes....yes I can be really clumsy sometimes :-\

She was even UBER FAST with editing the photos! And the results are just PERFECT!

here's the first outfit called 'Ælice in Wønderlånd'
It constists of a corset, mini skirt, attachable train, hot pants, heart-shaped eye patch, and a wrap

Copyright, Photography and Make-Up by Kani Honu Photography -
Model: Alice Roe

Styling: Akasha Couture



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